Choices are important

  Every morning and throughout the day we have opportunities of choice presented to us. Are we choosing wisely. We are after all given the ability via these choices as to how our day / lives will turn out. Even

Feel like this some days lol

  ….and then i remember…     some mornings are this beautiful. Enjoy, Timothy Mark Stockhall

Travelling to Jhb

So had to go to Johannesburg quickly and cheaply with a 1 night stay-over. I decided to try the new boys on the block, namely Safair. their on-line booking portal was easy to understand and all in all very good

What a start to November

On Saturday 1st November we noticed Lizzie, our Jack Russell starting to make a nest in one of our cupboards as she was obviously in the the early stages of labour. So we prepared a bed for her and yesterday

New arrivals

A few years ago whilst hunting in Namibia I had a braai (barbeque) and my friend who owns the best hunting venue for family’s got hold of Damara lamb chops for the braai. I have never eaten lamb as awesome

We Fished the Tweed

So last year I posted about winning this prize and Janessa and I have just got back from claiming it. To say that all our wildest dreams have been fulfilled is to put it mildly. This post will be about

Apostolic Guidance re Prophecies

1 Timothy 1:18  S Timothy my son, I am entrusting you with this responsibility, in keeping with the very first prophecies that were spoken over your life, and are now in the process of fulfillment in this great work of

Finding meat for Charcuterie

So following on from a previous post, I have been looking into finding good pasture reared meat at a fair price. Went for a drive last week to see some farmers and get some “Pappa and me” time as well.

I did a charcuterie course !

One of the people I follow on twitter is Richard Bosman @bosmanrichard and he tweeted that he was running a charcuterie course and had one seat available due to a cancellation. Grabbed it with both hands, surprising and spoiling myself

Cacao Oats flapjacks

The kids have been bugging me for a while to make some, so having got a new supply of organic Cacao in, I decided to make a batch. Really simple mix, roll the oats the night before and soak overnight