Monthly Archives: May 2009

God @ Work

So here i am sitting at my “boardroom”, Mugg and Bean Century City with Lara – Pink Orange Designs and Phil Ferreria – Insight Financial Planners and watching God download awesome ideas and concepts for Phil’s new corporate ID. It

Road Trip

So I had to do a quick one day round trip from Cape Town to George – Oudtshoorn and back to see two clients – a distance of about 885 Km according to my GPS. As per usual I leave

Mothers Day

So, not in church this morning because we are spending the morning with my mother and all the rest of my siblings having a breakfast/ brunch together. How many of you have heard of a man called Lonnie Frisbee. One

So, a day late!

Yep, did not get around to posting yesterday as so much happened and the day vanished into fresh challenges by 11 am. Great ones though which will become a blog on its own. So Playground was fantastic, new folk and

Fathers Playground

Well, sitting here at my desk wondering what Abba has up His sleeve for us tonight. I often wonder how He will arrive and what the “flavour” of the evening is going to be. What I always know is that

Boardroom thoughts

So once again I am sitting in one of my “boardrooms” at Centuary City. It is nice and quiet still so lets see how breakfast turns out. This however is not the reason for this post. I was challenged this