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What a start to November

On Saturday 1st November we noticed Lizzie, our Jack Russell starting to make a nest in one of our cupboards as she was obviously in the the early stages of labour. So we prepared a bed for her and yesterday

Finding meat for Charcuterie

So following on from a previous post, I have been looking into finding good pasture reared meat at a fair price. Went for a drive last week to see some farmers and get some “Pappa and me” time as well.

I did a charcuterie course !

One of the people I follow on twitter is Richard Bosman @bosmanrichard and he tweeted that he was running a charcuterie course and had one seat available due to a cancellation. Grabbed it with both hands, surprising and spoiling myself

Cacao Oats flapjacks

The kids have been bugging me for a while to make some, so having got a new supply of organic Cacao in, I decided to make a batch. Really simple mix, roll the oats the night before and soak overnight

Late I know, but London was a blast

So I had a really great week in London, met some great folk and started setting up future relationships for trading over there, watch this space Had some great food, can really commend the Carvery at The Strand Palace for

Time Cafe – Colosseum, Century City

So most Friday mornings you can find the partners of Naked Health having a quick breakfast after gym here. We get together and catch up with one another as we are nearly all involved in more than one partnership and

Back to the smoker

I found some very nice pork spare ribs the other day at a local butcher. These were raw, untreated, flavoured etc and I chose three that were nice and lean. Made a dry rub for the ribs, invited some friends,

Spur group of restaurants

Like I thought, waste of time. I have had one follow up call, was promised that some manager would call me and so far nothing. Do not waste your time and money at this group, they do not care. Tim

Smoked Chicken

Still on the food theme.I built a smoker/cooker a while ago as an experiment to see if I could make a viable prototype for commercial reasons. I have now used it very successfully to smoke and cook Snoek (Barracuda), pork

Did some baking

So I decided to get back into bread baking as I am tired of the shop bought stuff and wanted to try my hand at the real thing again. So I got hold of unmilled wheat and using my NutriMill