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Travelling to Jhb

So had to go to Johannesburg quickly and cheaply with a 1 night stay-over. I decided to try the new boys on the block, namely Safair. their on-line booking portal was easy to understand and all in all very good

Late I know, but London was a blast

So I had a really great week in London, met some great folk and started setting up future relationships for trading over there, watch this space Had some great food, can really commend the Carvery at The Strand Palace for

London Calling

So I am back in my Favorite world city. It is still a huge enjoyment to me to fly over and visit Convent Gardens, stroll down the streets and do the whole tourist gawking thing. Here mainly for potential work,

Lot’s of New things…

Hi Everyone, So much has happened in the last six months: Seaverah has grown into such an amazing company well beyond my initial expectations, and we are extremely thankful for that. a real abundance of blessings. Our home church on


So February vanished in a puff of smoke without any blogging. Workload can sometimes really mees with important life issues like FaceBook, blogging and twitter LOL. So what has this to do with Blogging – well, I am sitting at

Economic Upturn ???

I went to one of my suppliers offices the other day and they had a poster signed by all their staff stating that they refuse to participate in the recession and it got me wondering…. We so often walk through