Church, essentially family or not?

I came across this statement the other day and it got me thinking: The government of God is essentially Family. This got me thinking about how Impact was started and what our core beliefs were and are. We have always wanted

Late I know, but London was a blast

So I had a really great week in London, met some great folk and started setting up future relationships for trading over there, watch this space Had some great food, can really commend the Carvery at The Strand Palace for

London Calling

So I am back in my Favorite world city. It is still a huge enjoyment to me to fly over and visit Convent Gardens, stroll down the streets and do the whole tourist gawking thing. Here mainly for potential work,

I won a Bucket List Prize

So a while ago I won what must be my ultimate prize. I entered a FaceBook competition to fish the River  Tweed and I won it. Even better I am going to do this next year and am hoping Jay

Hello world – Jay has arrived !!!

Hello, Jay will be getting busy here

Lot’s of New things…

Hi Everyone, So much has happened in the last six months: Seaverah has grown into such an amazing company well beyond my initial expectations, and we are extremely thankful for that. a real abundance of blessings. Our home church on

My brothers keeper????

So a while ago a very well known minister posted the following statement: "It's not my job to produce results. But it is my job to lay my hands on the sick, the oppressed, and to preach the Gospel." ....and whilst in

2011 – going deeper ……..

………………………… As the deer panteth for the water So my soul longeth after thee You alone are my hearts desire And I long to worship theeChorus You alone are my strength my shield To You alone may my spirit yield

New office

Never realised how much work it can be to move one office and workshop. Have just spent the last two weeks doing this with the help of friends and family and it entailed much more work than I at first


So do you have any? …… and before you answer, weigh up the depth, openness, commitment and acceptance that you experience before you answer yes. Will they love and stand by you no matter what? Will they have the courage