So February vanished in a puff of smoke without any blogging. Workload can sometimes really mees with important life issues like FaceBook, blogging and twitter LOL.

So what has this to do with Blogging – well, I am sitting at OR Tambo with about 3 hours to kill and finally have the time to let my mumblings erupt.

I find it incredible how many folk you bump into at airports that you have not seen in years, like the guy I just met as I arrived in the terminal> He was walking out to collect his rental car as I was handing mine in and the best part about it is we would have had to meet soon as he owes me some commission on a deal I put together for him months ago. So none of the awkwardness of a formal meeting, just a quick Hi There, where’s my money?

lets see if that happens, and if I get what was promised.

Which brings me to another point, why do folk who offer to pay commission never realise that the most expensive mistake they can make is to not pay it on time and in full. Whoever opened the door for them, or got them the contract can just as easily close it and also spread the word that others should avoid the person/company. The damage far out-ways the cost of an honestly earned comm.

Random airport thoughts,



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