Amazing, no reply yet from Mugg and Bean

Wow, must admit this really blows me away. Obviously Mugg and Bean do not think a blog will affect their image or profitability. Up to this moment I have not had any response from this group even though I know they have visited this blog.

Now am i too much of a believer in the power of the Internet, or are company’s in South Africa still ignorant of the power of it. – An interesting challenge for me investigate. Will be taking this up with the rest of my “wired friends” to see how effective a blog really is.

Feeling challenged,



  1. No, not at all. Just decent service and value for money. if you feel so strongly about this, please identify yourself and don’t hide. As I mentor in work related area’s, it is part of my focus to look at these kind of things. In South Africa I do not think we stand up enough for fair or decent service

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