Daddy’s Playground

What, Dad’s got a playgound:


He has – and it is a lot of fun. We run a prophetic “playground” every second to third Thursday at our house where folk can come for a word, or even better still – come share words for those wanting one.

Like all playgrounds, there are rules and layout or design – Daddy’s one is very simple:

The chairs are laid out around our lounge in a circle – luckily we can fit in about 45 to 50 folk at a push – with one chair in the middle. We open in prayer and then I may share a short word of encouragement or teaching and then we are off. Someone sits in the middle and everyone who has a word for that person shares. Oh, hang on – the rule; No corrective or exposing words – we are there to be blessed and playgrounds are meant to be fun. If someone feels they have something in that line, they come to me afterwards and share it. I then will take it to Abba with one or two other folk whom I trust and decide what to do with it. We do not believe in uncovering and exposing folk in public, this is not the example I have found in scripture. For those who disagree, read Matthew 18 for guidelines on how Abba has a stepped process for dealing with this. Also, do a study on Grace – His concept, not mine

So last night was a real blast with so much destiny being released.

Thank you Daddy

Your son,


AKA: Da pope, Da Timanator, who only vants to hear vun click – more on the ridiculous nicknames in a later post. LOL

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  1. Sounds great Timothy… I enjoy times like that, we could do with a dose of that this side of the planet. Keep up the good work!

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