Mugg and Bean and anonymous posters

Well, yesterday – 16 days after my blog about bad service and sending the corporate head office an email and link to my blog the same day as well as following up one week later with a phone call, I eventually got a response from the owner of the Branch whose service I blogged about. We had a very pleasant chat and I will meet with him soon to discuss the matter.

To the matter of anonymous posters, I have disabled the ability to comment without identifying yourself as I feel if you want to say something, have the courage to identify yourself. As this is such a small blog, with limited and known readership with the exception of some new visitors since March 8 blog re Mugg and Bean post, one wonders what the posters hidden agenda could be?

……………and no, I will not be looking for a free meal LOL

To Life, and Life abundantly,


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