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A few years ago whilst hunting in Namibia I had a braai (barbeque) and my friend who owns the best hunting venue for family’s got hold of Damara lamb chops for the braai. I have never eaten lamb as awesome tasting and succulent as that before so I had to try and get some for myself back home. As lamb is not sold by breed, I contacted the Damara breeders association of South Africa and finally managed to get a regular supply of Damara lamb which we now also sell on via Mama Jays. Email us via the website for pricing and availability.

But I have also been wanting to get my own sheep for years and finally we have got them. 4 to start, 3 ewes and a ram


Damara sheep
Damara sheep


Some interesting info re this breed:

  1. The Damara sheep has a high level of immunity to sheep sickness and a resistance to internal and external parasites. So I do not have to shove poisons and antibiotics down their throat ensuring cleaner meat.
  2. The Damara sheep is through natural selection ideally suited for extensive farming in the drier parts of Southern Africa. The breed is suited to any veld type.  The biggest advantage of Damaras is that they utilize grass and “bossieveld” the same as other sheep, but also eat leaves like Boer Goats.
  3. Damara ewe’s have very strong maternal characteristics. It is practically unknown of that a ewe will reject her lamb. Sometimes she will stay with her lamb alone for a day or two before joining the group. Damaras always gather in a group with the lambs on the inside, this makes it difficult for jackals and lynx’s to get to them. A Damara ewe will always protect her lamb.

So hopefully it will be a successful enterprise as long as they don’t get stolen,


Timothy Mark Stockhall


  1. Hi Timothy hope you will remember Manson and I from the Clanwilliam show the other day. We would really like to get your telephone number if we may to contact you . Manson says you may be looking for another tame ram and we could very possibly help you.
    We would also love to meet the rest of your family and have you over.
    Take care Sandra

  2. Hi Sandra, got it. You should now get a notification as such. Thanks for the chat this am, will be in contact very soon

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