Spurs – as in the restaurant chain

I remember being taken by my folks to Silver Spur in Bellville maybe 30 years ago as a treat and have had many meals in Spurs across the country over the years. Well last week I took my daughter to one for her birthday and it will be our last visit to this chain of shops.

The place was dirty, had not been dusted well in a while, but that was not what finally put us off them. It was the red Spur table sauce.

This sauce has been one of the cornerstones of their burgers and chips, and was a nice thick and spicy/tangy combination that made you come back for more. This is now a thin tasteless product devoid of any of its heyday greatness in what I can only assume is another stupid cost-cutting misadventure by the group.

Another one bites the dust, Adious Spur group


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