Travelling to Jhb

So had to go to Johannesburg quickly and cheaply with a 1 night stay-over. I decided to try the new boys on the block, namely Safair. their on-line booking portal was easy to understand and all in all very good with one exception – they automatically book a suitcase as luggage at a cost of R150.00 on each leg, so if you only use a carry-on bag for an overnight trip you just got penalised R300.00 round trip – no cool. #thissuxflysafair

The flight was good, staff friendly, aeroplane clean and neat but legroom is cramped – but this is a lower cost airline.

Now to test their client comeback, as we landed the overhead luggage compartment flew open and out popped my laptop bag to the ground. Looks like my screen hinge took a knock and is now loose. It would have been safer to leave it at my feet like I requested but was not allowed to do. They took it and stored it up in the luggage compartment.

I have emailed them and will see what the response is…….


Quick update on return flight, as difficult as it may be as I have flown BA/Comair exclusively for the last 10 – 15 years, it will be ta ta BA and hello Flysafair for all my local travel. Awesome staff, great flight and great value. It is nice to fly with flight attendants who are approachable, have a sense of humour and still professional. Well done!!

And when are hotels in SA going to provide free WIFI access, especially when you are not staying at something like a gangsta hangout

Town Lodge Wifi Pricing
Town Lodge Wifi Pricing

This is not on Town Lodge. Must add that as for the rest of the stay, thumbs up. Great, helpful staff and vibe at Germiston Town Lodge.

Looking forward to being home tonight, been great doing catchup in Jhb.






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