What’s next

What a year 2008 turned out to be. Oil first went through the roof, the the money markets collapsed and now we are finding out just how corrupt some of the world traders are. When I told my mentorship group that oil would recouver to US$ 40 -48 they struggled to believe it. Must say, I wondered if I had heard correctly myself at times as it went past the $140 mark. But Abba Father is always faithful and we do hear correctly at times.

What next.

Well, for Xtians, now is the time for a great breakthrough. We need to come in the opposite spirit to wha the world is experiencing. No fear for us, we need to press in for His release and become a blessing to those around us. Now is the time for real God Idea’s for breakthrough in financial areas so we can be that blessing. 2009 will be a watershed year for Xtians as they decide to walk in Faith or fear.

I know what I will be doing.


Timothy Mark Stockhall

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