Did some baking

So I decided to get back into bread baking as I am tired of the shop bought stuff and wanted to try my hand at the real thing again. So I got hold of unmilled wheat and using my NutriMill which I bought here. I milled the wheat and baked the bread using the freshly milled wheat. What fun it was to try and get the flour/water ratio correct as well as the time to get it to rise. Dealing with true whole wheat flour is very different from the shop bought variety as that has been made “easier” to use by adding various things to it.

So here are the results:

Dough after 2 risings getting ready to put into baking tin:

First attempt

What it looked like cut:

Second attempt:

Everyone who has tasted the breads wants more and even want me to do this on a commercial basis. Which goes to show when we use food in its most natural state possible, it tastes wonderful and is very healthy.

Makes me think about church and how we need to get back to the real truth of a Holy and Loving Father who is waiting for pierced hearts to cry out to Him for change. Not this “grab the latest and greatest” type teaching that makes us fat and lazy without changing the world around us.



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