Mugg and Bean again

Back at my “Boardroom”, this time in Cape Gate. With all the money put into the franchise’s it really suprises me that the owner operator does not keep a better eye on their staff. Food good here, but service is really slow today.

Some would say I am nuts to keep going back I suppose, but there are some that are really great like Constantia and one in Bloemfontein. There has also been a noticeable improvement in Century City/Canal Walk and I have not identified myself to the owner yet. Maybe I will tomorrow when I go there for another meeting.

The Mugg and Bean Head office still has not contacted me – they obviously don’t feel the need – makes me wonder if they have lost their original drive they had. I suppose one could say they are acting like a bunch of Muggs LOL

……. and to my still anonymous poster, I am still not angling for any freebies if you were wondering. Wish you had the courage to identify yourself.

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