Road Trip

So I had to do a quick one day round trip from Cape Town to George – Oudtshoorn and back to see two clients – a distance of about 885 Km according to my GPS.

As per usual I leave at about 05h30 and stop at Heidelberg for breakfast. Normally this would be at the local Wimpy because that is what I have done for years – creature of habit me. But surprise, I decide to try the Blue Crane just outside of the town on the N2 Cape Town side. What a pleasant surprise. We are greeted by very friendly staff and we decide on fresh coffee in huge mugs, fresh home-made bread and their “traditional breakfast”.

Here are the pics:

The food was excellent and I will not be returning to the Wimpy as it cost the same for much better value. On leaving I got chatting to the lady there and we ended exchanging gifts, she got a box of LifeStem and I got a loaf of home-made bread which I just toasted some for breakfast – lovely and tasty, thank you.

So, on to George and a wonderful meeting with our area agent as well as a great time fellowshipping and having Abba equipping and refreshing us. 5 mins of LifeStem, 60 mins of fellowship – my kind of work.

Then on to Oudtshoorn and the best pancakes in SA. Little place next to the Presbyterian church on 41 Baron van Reede street.

They were great, if you are ever in Oudtshoorn, visit them – it is very good and the prices are very good as well.

Some great things happened re prophetic business insights and I will do a follow-up post on that.



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