Mothers Day

So, not in church this morning because we are spending the morning with my mother and all the rest of my siblings having a breakfast/ brunch together.

How many of you have heard of a man called Lonnie Frisbee. One mothers day some years ago God used him to totally mess up church movement and their understanding of how church, and the Holy Spirit, works. It heralded in a new and fresh understanding of love, healing, passion and grace. I do not think we fully understand the fullness of what Abba intended yet, but will declare this.

It is about to happen again

As much as we are trying to hold onto the way we do and understand church at the moment, changes are afoot. The old order is about to be shaken to the very roots. Abba will never be satisfied with the status quo, and we are/have entered a new era of church.

Both ends of the scale are about to be shaken, not because they are all wrong, just because Abba wants more for us. Both have fantastic wholesome, God filled and ordained facets to them, but it is not mature enough and He is about to shake again – the big conference, big name, big money side has and will continue to be shaken, and no amount of grace, planning or gifting will be able to cover over the cracks.The conservative, non emotional, painless and content side of church will also no longer continue to satisfy the need of a people wanting to feel, taste, smell and touch and know that it is good. We are going to have to get out of our safe, well constructed castles and get our hands dirty, our hearts hurt and stretched, our eyes wet from tears of pain and joy and basically understand that we are our brothers keeper. If he/she hurts, heals, cry’s, laughs, shouts etc – so do I.

We need an awaking in us that Mathew 18 cannot be ignored or hidden from because of gifting, leadership or our understanding of how things should get done.

Character, first and foremost coupled with real accountability and servanthood will become the hallmarks of real gifting flowing in safety.

To the new, safe and wholesome “Lonnie Frisbee’s” out there – Welcome, and come have a cup of coffee with me sometime.


Timothy Mark Stockhall

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