2009 coming to a end

So here in South Africa we have a few hours still to go and I thought I should blog one last time for 2009.

Some highlights of 2009:

  1. I/We made it…
  2. Family is healthy and well, been a great year of growth for all of us.
  3. To my incredible wife Janessa, your love, wisdom, understanding and friendship knows no bounds and I am wealthy because of it. Amongst many other things,she started teaching parenting classes in a township near us and has been asked to continue it in the new year.
  4. Elijah and Ruth, who both did well at school and life, and continue to be a real blessing to all of us.
  5. Thanks to John and the rest of the family at New Life Vineyard Church Pinelands, I have grown, been loved, encouraged and challenged to do more. You guys rock…..
  6. Naked Health has grown in sales of LifeStem, we are busy launching 6 new products, and have a new partner in Phillip AKA Phil Fresh. To Vanni and Jan, thanks for a great year and much laughter – it heals and refreshes the soul.
  7. To great friendships and friends who have eaten at my table and shared my family’s love in 2009 – thank you for being there.
  8. and to my Saviour, Father and Holy Spirit – my heart overflows for all the above and so much more that You have given and blessed me with. 2009 was a great practice run, 2010 is gonna rock all thanks to You.
  9. To all of you reading this blog, thank you for the gift of your time…


Timothy Mark Stockhall

AKA….da pope

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  1. Thank you Love of my life – you really are my other half, my love and everything and more I could have dreamed and hoped for. May Abba's blessings know no limit for you this year. J

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