Finding meat for Charcuterie

So following on from a previous post, I have been looking into finding good pasture reared meat at a fair price. Went for a drive last week to see some farmers and get some “Pappa and me” time as well.

Started the day with this amazing view:

2014-05-12 07.42.07


Then on to my favorite breakfast spot on N2, The Blue Crane in Heidelberg. Well worth a stop for great homemade food.

Then on to the farmer and look what I found!

European Wild Boar
European Wild Boar


Also found cattle and Damara sheep pasture reared. So pretty soon we will be supplying some new and exciting products via MamaJay’s fancy clean food emporium .

We will also be getting 2 live pregnant Damara ewes for our smallholding.





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