Time Cafe – Colosseum, Century City

So most Friday mornings you can find the partners of Naked Health having a quick breakfast after gym here. We get together and catch up with one another as we are nearly all involved in more than one partnership and have busy schedules.

We all have the same meal every time and it took them about six weeks to just get our eggs pouched the way we like it – soft yolk, not some rock hard block of yolk. Two weeks ago I arrived before the other guys to hear the manageress on duty ranting about the fact that there was no lettuce and  that if the customers wanted lettuce in their salad, she would get it from Woolies and charge them extra. Today there was no Biscotti with the coffee, on asking why – out of stock. Not wanting to witness another rant, I left it at that.

What I find puzzling is they have a prime venue, food is okay, pricing not bad – yet they seem determined to mess it up. Either that or they have made what I consider to be one of the most critical mistakes in the restaurant game – absent owners who invest in a business and appoint managers to run their investment who have no stake in the success of the place.

Here’s to hoping they get it right as it is a very convienient place for our Friday morning get together.

Da pope

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